Trickflow Twisted Wedge Sbf 170cc Cylinder Heads Ford Tfs 302 61cc Max Lift. 600

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Installing 11r 190cc heads on my 347 sbf ford

And no repairs will be provided, nor labor charges covered by TREperformance Inc. Interchange Part Number Trick Flow. Trickflow twisted wedge sbf 170cc cylinder heads ford tfs 302 61cc max lift. 600 all of the unique features that made twisted wedge series heads so dominant in high performance and racing are still heretwisted wedge combustion chambers and valve layout, high-flow/high-velocity intake runners, and top-quality valvetrain componentsplus cnc-profiled combustion chambers with port-to-valve seat blending (bowl blending) and refined fast as cast runners that deliver near-cnc-ported power and airflow at cast head prices.

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